Friday, 26 June 2015

The Mothers and The Wives (based on 'On This Day of The LORD')

On 24th June 2015 I wrote a post called, ‘On This Day of The LORD’. In that post, the Spirit of GOD said that in this season mothers and wives were having dreams and visions or trances that had to do with oncoming death. He also said that they are being called to stand in the gap for their loved ones and that, if they do, the spirit of death will be overcome.

Now, I honestly did not think about it after that and I went back to my normal life until I met someone whose words reminded me of that word. She lost a cousin this very week and she told me that his mother had actually had a dream of him in a pool of blood a few days back! Now, since she is not born – again, I highly doubt that she prayed against the spirit of death or that she handled it in a spiritually befitting way to avert death. It was sad but what she dreamt about actually happened – her son died!

Sometimes, I wish I would talk to everyone or reach them somehow so that lives can be saved. Therefore, today my request to you is that you share this and any other of my messages with your loved ones. I want lives to be saved from death but also that those who are not saved give their lives to CHRIST and live for Him. Feel free to share any other post that may have spoken to you in any way so that lives can be changed for the glory of GOD. Thank you.


Dear GOD, I thank you for your seasonal word that helps direct my path. Father, in regards to the word that was released recently, I cover myself and all my loved ones under your precious blood and I decree that the death shall not find us. I cancel the spirit of death over all my family members and all those that you have given to me. I thank you for the new lease on life that you have given us all. In JESUS name, I have prayed, amen.  

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