Thursday, 25 June 2015

The Old Women Who Stood In The Gap

Yes, there are times when my fingers simply fly over the keyboard concerning some prophecies or words of wisdom but there are also times when I struggle to release a seasonal word and this is one of those times.

First, it is because it still has to do with death, as was one of my recent posts, (On This Day of the LORD) but this time...death is happening now. Sometimes, I wish I could say it differently but I can’t.  

The old women (grandmothers) who took both the place of father and mother in the lives of many orphans are dying in this season. They have to go.

My prayer is that yours are not among these. My prayer is that GOD will avert death in your life.


Dear GOD, you are a wise GOD and all your thoughts are true and right. I know that when you purpose to do something, you do it, LORD but today, my King, I ask you to change. I ask you, LORD, to change your action concerning the death of those women who stood in the place of both father and mother to the ones who were fatherless at the time. I ask you, gracious King, to lift your hand. I ask you to avert death this time just as you did when Hezekiah turned to the wall. I thank you because you have done it. In JESUS’ mighty name, I have prayed, amen.

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