Wednesday, 26 August 2015


GOD never ceases to amaze me.


Someone sent me a message two days back. However, instead of typing 2Samuel 24:1-2 she typed 1Samuel 24:1-2. Well, I read the two verses in 1Samuel 24 but could not 'get it'. Therefore, deciding that I was having a ‘slow day’, I read the entire chapter. However, it was later revealed that she gave me the wrong scripture – I have not yet read the scripture she had intended to send me.


However, as usual, it was not a mistake! GOD was speaking to me through the 'mistaken scripture' and this is what He was saying.


1Samuel 24:5-7


“And it came to pass afterward, that David's heart smote him, because he had cut off Saul's skirt. And he said unto his men, The LORD forbid that I should do this thing unto my master, the LORD'S anointed, to stretch forth mine hand against him, seeing he is the anointed of the LORD”.


Psalm 105:15


“Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm”.


To confirm His word to me but also that the ‘wrong scripture’ was not actually a wrong one after all, the Spirit of GOD led me to part of the word (below) that He gave me on 21st September 2010.

21st September 2010


“Saul, will persecute David but the latter must realize that it is I who anointed Saul as well. David should be careful not to touch my anointed until I take him away and give him his rightful place”.


Now, I do not know what you are up to but whatever it is, touch not the anointed of GOD and do His prophets no harm! Relax. GOD will 'take care' of your enemy in His own way and in His own good time.






Dear GOD, you and I know that the opportunity has indeed availed itself for me to not only touch your anointed but to harm him or her as well and I have actually reached out to do so. Please forgive me. I now return to you and ask you stay my hands from ever touching your anointed or causing him or her harm again. In JESUS’ name, I have prayed, amen.

Monday, 24 August 2015

'Break', 'Comfort Zone', and More



“I AM going to break so that many may be delivered. I will break one morsel so that many can be fed”.


“I will cause you to experience some trying times that will break you. These will be to build you so that you can minister to those that I AM sending you to”.


Comfort Zone


GOD is taking many out of their comfort zone. Geographical change will occur but ‘this is my will’ says the LORD.


3rd December 2009


Positioning and Repositioning


I AM changing the positions of people this season. I AM removing people from seemingly comfortable positions, positions from which they could hear me and in which they got the best results and anointing other positions. I AM placing them in new positions chosen and anointed by me. Something uncomfortable will have to happen first for them to consider moving but I will show them a new side of me when they do. I will move in ways that I have never moved in before and a revival shall begin. The revival will start now and flow into the next year (personal and congregational).


It is important for you to be in the right place at the right time with the right people because it will be disastrous for the winds of revival to find you in the wrong place with the wrong people at the wrong time. Pray for the right positioning, right people and the right time.


I AM repositioning people spiritually and physically and taking them out of their comfort zone. Many are now accomplishing their missions in certain geographical areas and have to move or BE MOVED. When you stay long in an area, the enemy finds a way of getting to you. Therefore, I AM moving people out of geographical areas as well as spiritual ones. LET GO and let me move you to higher and better spiritual heights from which I will also move you when your mission there is accomplished.


You have been too long at mount Horeb. It is time to move! Get ready for the new positions. Change your perception of me, your place in the kingdom, and of everything, because there is something new happening in this place and it requires a new mentality.


Wake Up


I AM waking up people from their slumber. My time is now. People you did not imagine would be born again are going to be born again and will be on fire for Christ. A fire has been ignited in Heaven. Will you run with it? Will you catch it?

In this season, my Spirit is moving heavily and swiftly like a mighty wind! Do not miss it! 




The number ‘7’ is very significant in this season. I AM asking people to dip themselves in the Jordan where Elisha asked Naaman to dip himself. The leprosy you are suffering from will lead you into positions of humility that will lead you to make humble decisions for one of your stature. For you to receive your healing, however, the Jordan, it is and you will be healed of that disease before the seven times are over. Nonetheless, you must follow the instructions to the letter and ‘do it’ seven times. Complete the seven times - not more and definitely not less!




I AM doing a new thing in this season. The old is passing away. I AM doing a new thing. Can you not perceive it?


Society ‘Icons’


While those greatly respected people in society will see my power and have no choice but to give their lives to me, others will simply be swept in by the winds of revival.


Fulfillment of Prophecies


Next year, I will fulfill the prophecies of those who received my word this year but have not yet enjoyed its physical manifestation. What I promised is surely going to happen but although it is yours for the taking, I require repentance.




My timing is not your timing. Do not put me in your time tracks. My timing is different from yours. Many have been ostracized because of ‘delay’ as the world perceives it but it is not delay but my timing! My timing is at times perceived by the world as delay.


My Word


My word does not only work for a particular season and then expire thereafter. It works in and out of season. Get ready to be surprised when what you expected to happen last year happens the coming year.


Some have met me, seen me, and even talked to me on this mountain but they have also committed acts of disobedience. Nonetheless, I require mercy not sacrifice. Therefore, even if I AM moving you into your promised land I require repentance for you to walk into your promises.


ACTS Of The Holy Spirit


I will leave no stone unturned. I AM going to carry out acts that will shock even the most spiritual – ACTS not of the apostles but of the HOLY SPIRIT. I will do things long forgotten and will do them through insignificant people that the world has never heard of. This will be my unveiling of them; this will be my launching of them.


‘Simple’ Prayer...’Simple’ Healing


I AM going to answer prayer of my holiest people - those who have been loyal and have cried out to me about their deepest needs but have not kept from serving me despite the seeming lack. I AM now going to answer their prayers in ways that will overwhelm them. People will ‘stumble’ on simple ways of prayer that will solve a lot. They will stumble on their healings in the most unusual ways.


I will heal people of both spiritual and physical conditions that they did not even know they had.


I AM going to heal in the most unusual ways and in the most seemingly simple ways, for I AM the GOD of the seemingly simple but also the impossible things. Some people’s healing will come from the most unlikely sources as Namman’s did through his servant girl. Therefore, keep your ears open and do not despise prophecies or anyone called ISRAEL.


However, I need obedience and total submission for the healing that is about to take place. I will not encourage hesitation nor will I be pleased if my holy one shrinks back. I AM going to start a wave of healing across the universe and I will remove boundaries and languages. The whole universe will be as one. Even those who denied my existence will acknowledge me. Nonetheless, those who choose to remain obstinate, even after these acts, will be thrown into the fiery furnace.


The waves of healing are already moving and you will not have to try so many things. Simply position yourself with my guidance and wait obediently and in total submission.




Friendships will end as I move people to higher spiritual realms and demand intimacy that most have never experienced before. UNITY with me is what I require most.




Those Who Were Called ‘False’


I will uphold those who have been called false but are not. The very people who called them false will seek them out with a desire to hear GOD’S heart for the season.


‘I Will Not Be Silent’


In this season, I will speak – I will not be silent. Get ready with your pen and script and your hearts because I AM talking. Take down everything that I say.


Beware – there will be no resting. I will take you on a whirlwind between my voice, my word, my instruction, my order and your action. Therefore, get ready.


Loved By GOD


People have waited for long enough. Now, I AM going to show them what it means for one to be loved by GOD or for one to be GOD’S best friend.


I will answer you while the whole world watches and all who laughed at you will cry and wish that the mountains could swallow them. No eye has seen and no ear has heard all the good things that GOD has prepared for those who love Him and are called for His purpose.


Work:                             You have rested enough. It is now time to WORK!


Restoration of Blood:    I AM restoring blood. I AM pouring out my blood for all who care to have it.

No Attachment


A prophet is not supposed to have feelings or emotions. You are supposed to

move and not look back when I reposition you. Yes, compassion for people is

acceptable but not emotions such as regret, attachment and the like. This is

because you are only there for a short while until the mission is

accomplished. Do not become too attached to it.


Truth:             When I speak, I speak the truth. You do not need a second opinion.




There will be times when you will simply leave without explanation and without a forwarding address. I give people enough time to listen and to ‘do’ while you are with them, but they do not. Therefore, when the time is up, it is up. It is then upon them to reflect on what was said and to change their ways accordingly.


7 and 10

(Perfection and completion)


I AM perfecting and anointing people.


All gifts and parts of the body are being perfected for the perfection of the entire body.


Prophets and other servants of GOD will have a deep revelation of things about to happen including plots of the enemy.


Wednesday, 19 August 2015


8th April 2009
Many are doing works but their hearts are far from me. Even if they do serve me, I want their hearts as well.
    • Let them give me their hearts first.
    • Let them repent and forgive the wrong done to them then I will receive their praise...then I will receive their worship.
    • The leaders and elders preach messages that they do not apply to their lives. Let them apply the messages I give them to their lives as well.
I AM bringing healing to the body, to the Church. However, the hearts have to be healed first and then the body will be healed.
    • The spirit, body, and soul have to be healed. I want them to be changed and become like me. I need them to change.
A wave of healing, from the inside out, is coming to the Church. Be ready to receive it. However, I require total surrender for me to do what I have promised. I AM the LORD your GOD, is there anything too hard for me?

Monday, 17 August 2015

Tamar and Judah

This day is just like the day when Tamar pretended to be a harlot, slept with Judah (her father in law) and gave birth to Perez who later became one of the grandfathers of Jesus.

It is time for the women involved in the act of prostitution to give birth to nations. It is now time for them to be pivotal in the building of the kingdom of GOD (Genesis 38). The seed they shall bring forth will be very instrumental in the kingdom of GOD.

Friday, 14 August 2015

...about Sucide and Cancer...

8th August 2015

Defeat of the Spirit of Suicide


About a week or two before 8th of August 2015, I heard snippets of a conversation between my parents. That conversation was to do with a note that one of my relatives had written to his mother. The note of discussion had all the makings of a suicide note! The writer was facing some challenges and the wording that he used in the note suggested that he was contemplating taking his life. In his note he also said that his children would be well looked after by his remaining family members ‘if anything happened to him’. Since he had received some respite for his immediate challenges by the time of the conversation, I did not pay much attention to it until an incident made me retrace my steps.


Now, on 8th August 2015, I requested to meet with a young woman to whom I had failed to give ample time or counsel the previous day. I did not know that GOD wanted to speak to me about something.


Now, she carried a book in her hand that she would have easily slipped into her handbag before we met but she did not. She had covered up the book with what used to be an old newspaper. On the piece that was left of the old newspaper was the word, ‘suicide’. Quickly ‘standing to attention’, I began cancelling the spirit of suicide and at some point reached out one of my fingers and visibly yet prayerfully crossed out the word. She noticed what I was doing and slowly unwrapped the remains of the newspaper on which the word was. I then prayed that she would throw it into the trashcan. On our way out, she missed the can and the paper fell under it but I told her to pick it up and throw it into the trashcan, which she did.


To me, all those activities were spiritual and prophetic. Therefore, I knew that the spirit of suicide had been defeated and thrown into the spiritual trashcan! I did not think much about it until my father brought up the suicide note again. You see, GOD’S message to me using the remains of an old newspaper was that suicide attempts had been cancelled.


8th August 2015

Early Detection of Cancer

A few weeks back, I received a whatsapp forward. It was from a certain doctor who was recommending fruits as a way to avert cancer. I did not pay that much attention to it although I knew that GOD was reconfirming His promise to heal people of cancer.


Weeks after that on 8th August, as I prepared myself for the day, I came across one of my father’s T-shirts. Below, are the words that graced its front and its back.




‘Improving Management of Cancer in Uganda and Beyond’




‘Early Detection + Right Treatment

     = Good Outcome


You do know that GOD has said that He would heal all those with cancer. However, He will often remind me of this promise or simply tell me what He is doing about it. The above message helped encourage me that GOD had heard my prayers about cancer but also that He would also fulfill the prophecy about healing. This message also came as divine communication prophecy that the management of cancer was now improving in my country and beyond. GOD also used this T-shirt to communicate that cancer will now be easily detected which will lead to the right treatment and a good outcome.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Just Give it A Chance

Sitting at the feet of a younger woman who has been married for twelve years, I gathered a few tips about marriage. One of the tips was to do with whites! Even if I love white and I have a number of items that are white, I knew that I needed to learn more! Therefore, I said a prayer. I asked GOD to teach me how to ‘handle’ white and it was not long before He answered my prayer!


Among the gifts that I received on my birthday, last week, was a pair of bedroom slippers. Now, this would have been quite normal except for the fact that they are WHITE! This pair of white bedroom slippers made me very anxious. I asked myself a number of questions; ‘Would I be able to maintain them well’? ‘Wouldn’t the glue that held each slipper together come apart at the first wash’? Anyway, by the grace of GOD, I slowly let go of my anxiety, made myself comfortable in them and waited to learn from the One who had clearly engineered everything.


The time I had been dreading soon came upon me when I realized that the bedroom slippers were dirty and that I needed to give them their first wash. Therefore, I slowly made an examination of them and noticed that instead of glue the wise manufacturer had used very thick thread, or what looked like sisal, to hold them together! Therefore, my scare that they would come apart during or after the first wash was erased.


Mixing a solution of detergent in a basin, I proceeded to wash the white slippers. I thought that I would have to soak them for a while only to realize the dirt quickly dissolving. You see, the material was so ‘friendly’ that it did not hold on to the dirt! In fact, what I thought would take a very long time ended up taking just a few minutes! I was pleasantly surprised. GOD used just one wash to erase my fears – I had been anxious for nothing! He had also given me a lesson in keeping whites WHITE!


Now, this led me to think about how often we fail to enjoy the very things that GOD has given us without ‘giving them a chance’. Sometimes, GOD gives us something that we think will be too much to handle! We list up all the negative things about that ‘gift’ that will stand in the way of our perfect handling of it. This list then dampens our excitement let alone our enjoyment and effective use of it only to realize that we did not have to worry about it and that we should have simply enjoyed it.


Philippians 4:6-7



“Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus”.


I know I am talking to someone when I say that, ‘give it a chance’. Simply accept that ‘gift’, for it is one, and work through the anxiety. It will not be that hard to maintain if you purpose to give it a chance! Besides, the word of GOD tell us to be anxious for nothing but through prayer and supplication make our needs known to GOD.


Word of Knowledge


I see one scenario of a spiritual gift that one has been given. I see someone very anxious about that beautiful gift that GOD has given you. I see you using it ‘sparingly’ and with fear lest you do something unworthy. You will not be put to shame. Simply relax and let GOD use it through you!


I see someone with a spouse (of the opposite sex) who is anxious about not doing things right. The GOD who gave her to you will enable you to do just right.




Almighty Father, I come to you in confession that sometimes I am anxious about the things that you have given me. The fear of how I shall maintain them, or that they will come apart in my hands, makes me so anxious that I fail to enjoy them as I should. Please forgive me. I now acknowledge that you are the GOD who only gives me what you know that I can handle. I know that you are with me every step of the way and that you will guide me as we go along. I know that you will not let me be put to the shame that results from mismanagement of the gift that you have given me. Father, I pray that you take away all the anxiety that had assailed me and replace it with assurance that I will be just fine. I thank you, LORD, because you have done it. In Jesus’ name, I have prayed, amen.