Friday, 14 August 2015

...about Sucide and Cancer...

8th August 2015

Defeat of the Spirit of Suicide


About a week or two before 8th of August 2015, I heard snippets of a conversation between my parents. That conversation was to do with a note that one of my relatives had written to his mother. The note of discussion had all the makings of a suicide note! The writer was facing some challenges and the wording that he used in the note suggested that he was contemplating taking his life. In his note he also said that his children would be well looked after by his remaining family members ‘if anything happened to him’. Since he had received some respite for his immediate challenges by the time of the conversation, I did not pay much attention to it until an incident made me retrace my steps.


Now, on 8th August 2015, I requested to meet with a young woman to whom I had failed to give ample time or counsel the previous day. I did not know that GOD wanted to speak to me about something.


Now, she carried a book in her hand that she would have easily slipped into her handbag before we met but she did not. She had covered up the book with what used to be an old newspaper. On the piece that was left of the old newspaper was the word, ‘suicide’. Quickly ‘standing to attention’, I began cancelling the spirit of suicide and at some point reached out one of my fingers and visibly yet prayerfully crossed out the word. She noticed what I was doing and slowly unwrapped the remains of the newspaper on which the word was. I then prayed that she would throw it into the trashcan. On our way out, she missed the can and the paper fell under it but I told her to pick it up and throw it into the trashcan, which she did.


To me, all those activities were spiritual and prophetic. Therefore, I knew that the spirit of suicide had been defeated and thrown into the spiritual trashcan! I did not think much about it until my father brought up the suicide note again. You see, GOD’S message to me using the remains of an old newspaper was that suicide attempts had been cancelled.


8th August 2015

Early Detection of Cancer

A few weeks back, I received a whatsapp forward. It was from a certain doctor who was recommending fruits as a way to avert cancer. I did not pay that much attention to it although I knew that GOD was reconfirming His promise to heal people of cancer.


Weeks after that on 8th August, as I prepared myself for the day, I came across one of my father’s T-shirts. Below, are the words that graced its front and its back.




‘Improving Management of Cancer in Uganda and Beyond’




‘Early Detection + Right Treatment

     = Good Outcome


You do know that GOD has said that He would heal all those with cancer. However, He will often remind me of this promise or simply tell me what He is doing about it. The above message helped encourage me that GOD had heard my prayers about cancer but also that He would also fulfill the prophecy about healing. This message also came as divine communication prophecy that the management of cancer was now improving in my country and beyond. GOD also used this T-shirt to communicate that cancer will now be easily detected which will lead to the right treatment and a good outcome.

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