Wednesday, 19 August 2015


8th April 2009
Many are doing works but their hearts are far from me. Even if they do serve me, I want their hearts as well.
    • Let them give me their hearts first.
    • Let them repent and forgive the wrong done to them then I will receive their praise...then I will receive their worship.
    • The leaders and elders preach messages that they do not apply to their lives. Let them apply the messages I give them to their lives as well.
I AM bringing healing to the body, to the Church. However, the hearts have to be healed first and then the body will be healed.
    • The spirit, body, and soul have to be healed. I want them to be changed and become like me. I need them to change.
A wave of healing, from the inside out, is coming to the Church. Be ready to receive it. However, I require total surrender for me to do what I have promised. I AM the LORD your GOD, is there anything too hard for me?

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