Thursday, 25 June 2015




Recently, GOD spoke and told me results of HIV/ AIDS will be negative. He reiterated on what He said, years back (22nd December 2007, November 2009 and 30th October 2014) and has been reaffirming since then. The following day, my brother in law, who uses colloidal silver to assist many suffering from different ailments, gave me a testimony of one of his patients who was healed and whose results came up negative – she is not infected by the HIV virus! She no longer has the HIV virus in her system. He told that his patient who had been written off by family and medical staff told him that the doctors are still in shock about her progress and the suddenly good report.

A few minutes back a friend, who was on the brink of death when I last saw her, called me. As she testified of GOD’S saving power, He told me to remind you about His word. He wants me to remind you that He said that He would heal those suffering from HIV/ AIDS and that He is doing just that. As I listened to the now vibrant voice of my friend, I was brought to tears about GOD’S goodness. I know she, too, will show me her new report – a good report of healing. I know that GOD will look after His word to see that it is fulfilled.

GOD BLESS YOU as He reveals His healing hand to you.

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