Wednesday, 24 June 2015

What Do People See When They Look At You?

It is interesting what people see when they look at us just as it is quite refreshing to hear nice comments about us in this lifetime.

Yesterday, I met a young woman who I did not recognize but she smiled at me and then stopped to chat further. Okay, I did not remember seeing her before but, thank GOD, she was very willing to assist me with that. Now, this morning, she walked up to where I was sitting and took the seat next to me, even if there were many other seats in the room. She placed her laptop bag right next to me on the bench and walked out to do something. However, when she came back, what she said to me made me laugh so hard that I found it hard to stop.

This is how our conversation began. Seeing my Bible open right there on my desk, she started a conversation with me. Apart from asking me if I am a Pastor, she talked about her first impression of me. She said that I always appeared ‘full of life’, ‘musical’ and ‘untouchable’. Oh, she also mentioned my dress sense. She said that she would wonder at the colors I managed to put together in one outfit, including the shoes and bags, and get away with it. Of course, she did not approve of all the ensemble all the time but that it was interesting. She also said that she did not sense any evil emanating from me – I give off liveliness. She also said that what I give off energy and life and that that is what people get from me. She also said that I seemed to be in ‘my own space’ not daunted by anyone or anything. She also said that I have a musical walk that she seemed to attest to my plugged in earphones after a day’s work!

When I finally caught my breath from laughing so hard, I told her that I am actually not always ‘full of life’ and that sometimes I am really a not very happy person, which she understood. I also told her that when I put my earphones inside my ears, it is rarely to listen to music but to my poems – they inspire me.  

Now, interestingly, when she finally powered up her laptop, she noticed that she did not have the work she had intended to do when she first set out to come. In other words, our meeting was divine. We talked about so many things yet it was the first time we were really having a conversation. I gave her counsel about many things in the area of holy living before marriage and during a marriage as a woman and in the area of prayer but I also learned so much from her. The lesson that I took away with me was that when GOD gives us gifts it is disastrous if we use them for selfish reasons only focused on promoting our ministries.  

I must say that I did not do all that I had set out to do but that I did all that GOD had set me up to do today. To think that I even tried to get her to take another seat yet she was one of my assignments today is unthinkable.

I pray that you meet someone today who will say some good things about you that will make you laugh so hard that you will not want to stop! I also pray that you will bless each other beyond the ‘nice things’!


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