Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Out of ICU!

I will often ask the Trinity to precede me to my prayer closet – I ask Father, Son, and Holy Ghost to go ahead of me and, sometimes, the results are shocking!

When I got there, one of those times, I thanked GOD for waking me up and carrying me into His presence that night. Suddenly, I was reminded of the various times my family and I had spent outside the Intensive Care Unit when a family member hovered between life and death. I was then led to thank GOD that none of us was in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at the time but I did not stop there. I then interceded for those who were in that critical stage but also for the loved ones who could hardly sleep because of anxiety. I asked JESUS to make His rounds in the various ICU wards and heal them all as He had healed my father one time. I continued in this prayer line for a number of days and then moved on to something else. To be very honest with you, I did not think much of it seeing that I knew of no one who was critically ill. However, something happened to alert me to the fact that that prayer had indeed been led by the Spirit of GOD and that GOD had actually listened and acted.

As if by mistake, I was alerted to a facebook post about someone’s father who was in the ICU! Even if I prayed for him, I did not know, immediately, that GOD was communicating something. Just two days back, I met a certain woman who told me that her father in-law had been admitted to the ICU the previous week – it was during that season that I said that prayer. She also told me that he had been discharged out of the ICU and out of the hospital and that he was now recovering from the ailment. In addition to that, just yesterday, I met yet another woman who told me of an in-law who had been admitted to the ICU for about five days but had been discharged a few days back.

Of course, all these women stood in the gap and I cannot nullify their prayers but it simply amazed me that GOD led me to pray for people I do not know and will probably never meet. He then ensured that I hear the testimonies that resulted from this.

Therefore, today, I encourage you to ask GOD (in His fullness) to precede you to your prayer closet. Empty yourself and let Him pray through you, by His Spirit, and then wait to hear the testimonies.

Love you,


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