Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Hidden Victory

We wrongly assume that victory is like a blazing torch on a hill and that everyone, including the one holding it, can see it. However, this is not always the case. You see, we often engage in battles without knowing it and hence making the ensuing victories hidden from our sight. When we commit our ways to GOD, He uses us to do His will without our being keenly aware of it.

As usual, I started the day (yesterday) by asking GOD use me to do, say and hear His will other than mine. Yet, as the day progressed, I became increasingly disappointed that it went so fast and nothing seemed to go as I had planned it to. You see, even if I ministered to a couple of people and uploaded one poem that was in the queue to be released I did not edit or write a book or a poem. Oh, how the feeling of disappointment threatened to hold me in its tight embrace! I was so focused on this feeling that I did not consider that my main assignment of the day was the Muslim woman (‘GOD Answers Simple Prayers’) and that the poems that I sent her were my only important activity of the day. In fact, the implication of what I had done was hidden from me until much later!

As I sent her twelve of my poems that I had never sent her before, I prayed over them and asked GOD to use them to minister to her and to heal her. Nonetheless, since I am so used to saying such prayers and doing such things I did not stop to think of their outcome. Therefore, I was not alert to the sharp pain that pierced my left shoulder as I hoisted my laptop bag onto my left shoulder in preparation of returning home. An insect had entered my dress and begun its torment on my flesh! Recognizing it as an attack, yet not knowing the source, I immediately reached out for my spiritual weapons and prayed off the stings. Although, I still could not tell the source of or the reason for the attack, I realized that the day had been very productive. You see, Satan sometimes attacks me depending on the level of victory I have secured against him by the grace of GOD.

Now, interestingly but not surprisingly, I did not make the connection until a few minutes back! The Spirit of GOD reminded me of the Muslim woman. You see, in addition to the other things I prayed about, I prayed for her healing reminding GOD of His promise to heal all those with HIV/ AIDS. Most important of all, however, was the fact that I prayed for her salvation as well and asked GOD to use those poems to preach to her. Of course, it is hardly surprising that Satan was not be happy about that! Therefore, he attacked me but to no avail. As I sat here basking in that revelation of the victory that had been hidden from me until today, I thanked GOD for using me as His vessel.

It is, therefore, with this mindset that I encourage you to endeavor to keep in step with the Spirit of GOD. Commit all your senses and activities to Him and let His will be done through you every day. Secondly, I know you hold a ‘staff’ in your hands, ‘Moses’. Allow yourself to use the staff (your gift) to reach out to those who have not yet given their lives to Christ and lead them into the Promised Land. Use your staff to preach to them even as you commit their other needs to GOD.


Dear GOD, I confess that I usually have a set plan on how my day should go yet you too have a plan for me. I know that your plan for me and for my days far outweighs all the plans I could ever have. Please forgive me. Today, I choose to lay down my plans and replace them with your divine plans for my life and for all my days. I commit all my past, present and future days and activities into your hands and ask you to use me to do your will. May I do, say, and hear all that you want me to do, say and hear. Open my eyes and ears, dear LORD, so that I can clearly see and hear your instructions concerning others and myself. Keep me so alert that I will know that I have accomplished your will for my life as I go along.

King of kings, I commit my ‘staff’ into your hands and ask you to use it to win souls for your kingdom. In JESUS’ name, I have prayed, amen.

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