Thursday, 30 July 2015


“For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he...” (Proverbs 23:7).

Yesterday, something happened that made me feel led to talk to you about mindsets but I did not. In fact, I simply added what GOD had revealed to the second edition of my book called, ‘Prayer’. However, today, GOD drew my attention to it again and I believe that He wants you to hear it.

I have found it to be true that, sometimes, we do not need to pray but simply change our perspective about things. When we see right, as GOD sees, we are bound to have what we want.

One time, feeling so fatigued after the death of my nephew (Klaus), my sister and I decided to leave the housework until later. However, my brother (Meddie) suddenly took to cleaning up with such energy that we were surprised. He swept the compound and then made us breakfast among other house chores. When we marveled at this energy of his he told us that it all had something to do with our mindsets. For as long as we pitied ourselves about how tired we were, we felt so. In fact, the more we looked at the housework as a huge mountain, it would remain so. We needed to change our mindsets about the entire scenario. Immediately, receiving his counsel, we were soon energized as well and soon joined him with the chores.

Sometimes, we do not have to pray much about our situations – we simply have to change our mindsets. 

Now, recently, another sister of mine had a spiritual attack, in a dream, which later manifested into a backache in the physical. She noted that whenever she had similar dreams, such as that one, she would develop a backache (slipped disc). When this happens, she is in a lot of pain that she is unable to take care of some menial duties. In fact, her doctor often recommends bed rest immediately. That was exactly what happened during that the occurrence that I am telling you about this time. In other words, she was not able to drive her children to and from school. Indeed, she was in so much pain that she arranged to have one of my sisters help her take her daughter to school. However, something came up that demanded my other sister’s immediate attention leading her to cancel her plans. Having no one else to help her, she decided that Satan was not going to ‘do this’ to her! She got out of bed, got her daughter ready for school, gingerly bent around doing what she needed to do in that position (with a slipped disc), drove her daughter to school and then went back home with no pain! You see, for as long as she remained with the same mindset of having a back problem and having to take bed rest for a specified number of days, the situation prevailed. However, once she got into a fix and put her foot down, she got out of her predicament.

You must remember that she had prayed about that backache for so long but it kept returning and making her unable to do any housework. You must also realize that although this disability and pain had its source in the spiritual realm, she was handling it in a physical way...with physical solutions! It was not until she started dealing with it spiritually that she received some results!

Sometimes, we need to change our mindsets to do that which we were unable to do before due to a physical inability.

In fact, sometimes, it is not about how much we pray but about setting the right foundation to our deliverance by having the right mindset.


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