Friday, 2 January 2015

The Beauty of His Holiness

Has the sudden beauty of GOD’S magnificence in an otherwise normal day overwhelmed you so much that you see His holiness in an entirely new way?

“...should praise the beauty of holiness...” (2 Chronicles 20:21).

However, before I get into that, allow me to tell you about this first. Last month, before Christmas, someone asked me to read 2 Chronicles 20 but I did not get round to doing so until this morning! You see, to be honest with you, I had read it so many times before that I did not feel too excited about reading it again but GOD had His own plans. Subsequently, when I woke up to ‘keep watch’ this morning, I noticed that I had bookmarked it the old fashioned way by folding the corner of the lower part of the page on the right side of my Bible! Therefore, I decided to read it. Anyway, I asked Him to open my eyes to things in His word that I had never seen before. I now realize that He wanted to me to read it in this season and with good reason too.

Now, occasionally, I will come across certain phrases in the Bible that make me stop and wonder, ‘hmm...I wonder what that means...GOD, what does that mean?’ Today, my morning ‘watch’ was one of those times. As I communed with my Master in His word this morning, He gave me a number of revelations but also introduced me to some new things that I had not been aware of. Among the things GOD opened my eyes to was the phrase that I mentioned above, ‘the beauty of holiness’ so I asked Him to tell me what that phrase stands for but also to tell me what holiness means. It did not take Him long.

Apparently, a few mornings back GOD blessed us with a mist that I happened to miss but that someone mentioned to me! I remember I did not even pray about it that much but ‘wished’ that I would experience it – I did not know that that too was a prayer in itself. Consequently, this morning, when I walked out of the house, it was to a misty morning! GOD had given me a second chance – GOD is going to give you a second chance at that thing that you missed!

Walking to work at around 7.30AM, I was blessed to be part of a ‘misty beauty’ that I cannot describe - there was mist all around me and ahead of me. In fact, at some point it felt as if I was walking in a cloud...on the streets of heaven ... it felt as if it was just GOD and me! It was a moment I had to capture on ‘canvas’. Therefore, I pulled out my phone and started taking photographs in my excitement to share ‘it’ with you. As I took one photograph after another the words, ‘the beauty of His holiness’ came back to me. You see, somewhere along the way, I had added ‘His’ to it and it was as if I finally saw and began to understand what the word ‘holy’ means and what His holiness looks like. The more photographs I took, the more I wanted to take more because I felt that I had not truly captured ‘it’ - the photographs did not do justice to the beauty of His holiness. It was at that point that I realized that no photograph, no matter how excellent the camera or how experienced the photographer, can ever do justice to the beauty of His holiness. We see and capture only a glimpse of ‘it’ as if ‘it’ can really be ‘captured’...

Nonetheless, I made an attempt at ‘capturing it’ below. I hope it speaks to you as it did to me.  

I will also try and upload a video that I made of it on my facebook page (Zion H. Mukisa) later. 



Dear GOD, I thank you for giving me a glimpse into your holiness. You gave me a definition of the word ‘holy’. I thank you for showing me the beauty of your holiness. I ask you to keep it fresh in my mind and always remind me of it.

Holy Father, I ask you to let me see and experience more of your holiness. In JESUS’ name, I have prayed, amen.


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