Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Deep Things Revealed in A 'Simple' Way

I honestly do not know if other writers find difficulty capturing the depth of certain matters as I do... Some of those matters are experiences that drained me so much that I was surprised to find that I was still breathing the next second.


Last year, 2014, was a challenge to me. It was, to date, the height of satanic attacks upon my life. The Spirit of GOD revealed so much that the devil had used and was using against me ‘behind closed doors’. Nonetheless, as with all the other times that the devil attacks me, I learned so much but I was also tried so much.


“ is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs” (1Corinthians 13:5).


I was tried in the area of love, which includes all those things such as forgiveness and keeping no record of wrongs. Honoring and respecting ‘authority’, regardless of what he or she has done to you, was also top on the list. However, the greatest test was being aware that GOD exists and loves me regardless of what is happening to me at the time and I am glad to say that I passed that test by the grace of GOD.


Now, what I was going through and how much ground GOD and I had covered at some point was so deep that I remember talking to GOD and asking Him (wondering), ‘how am I ever going to be able to capture all this, LORD? GOD, this is so intense but it also has so many ‘scenes’. How will I ever testify about this? What will I say?’ Well, I must say that it did not take GOD long to respond to all my fears.


Turning the ‘last page of the book’ of those challenges, I met a friend who had just had a similar experience to mine. Before long, she asked me write her a poem about the faithfulness of GOD – that was how GOD addressed my fears about capturing the intensity of that trial. As I prayed about what I should write, the Holy Spirit reminded me about that experience. He brought back the emotions I had felt then and a poem (Right There by Zion H. Mukisa) was birthed.


‘Right There’ is short even though I have written bigger books and longer poems. Subsequently, it amazes me how GOD took such an intense and trying experience and summarized it in a very short poem – He took the deep things and revealed them in a very simple way to me but not too simple to GOD. By the way, I am not saying that I will not write a book about that time when and if GOD tells me to but what I am saying is that He used just a few words to share an extremely intense experience.


This poem has taught me that nothing is that simple in the eyes of GOD. In fact, even the tiniest dot in any language is important to Him and that He will use it for His glory.


The beauty of this poem is that GOD used only a few words, lines if you may, to talk about His faithfulness and to comfort someone out there by saying that He is right there with you.



Dear GOD, sometimes I face trials that leave me gasping for breath. I know that you allow them to happen and that you use them to teach me something. However, when I look at the enormity of those challenges, I shy away at how I will ever be able to capture the intensity. Please forgive me. LORD, I now know that you are more than able to take the most intense situation and express it in a way that man considers simple but is not as simple to you. Thank you for doing so for me. In JESUS’ name, I have prayed, amen.




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