Friday, 2 January 2015


 I am not too proud to say that, sometimes, GOD will tell me something but will need to say it more than once for me to hear Him!

Well, a few weeks back He spoke to me about Judges but I did not quite get it. He had earlier given me a prophetic word concerning the same way back in 2013. Once again, He brought it to mind but I did not pay attention.

Now, on my way to Church, last Sunday, I met a young woman who had been pregnant the last time I saw her. Well, in her hands was a bundle of joy who she quickly informed me is called Deborah! During that service GOD spoke and told me that Muslims were going to give their lives to Him and that some of them would be in need of healing. I still did not get it! You see, the word about Deborah, which I posted on my, was actually beefed up with another word about Muslims. This was supposed to quicken me towards the word of the season but it did not!

It was later, a few days after that, that I finally got it! It is the time of the judges...  and it is the time that some Muslims will give their lives to Christ!

Below is the word of prophecy that GOD gave me years back.

25th June 2013


These are the times of the judges. Once again, we have done evil in the eyes of GOD - we have served other gods and this has angered GOD. Nevertheless, we have repented and turned back to Him and He has raised up a Judge – Deborah, the prophetess.

She will rule with wisdom and counsel and many men will be submissive to her. Although, some shall seek her counsel and help many shall refuse to submit to her because of pride. These shall face the LORD’S anger. Even now, ‘Deborahs’ are rising up and taking places of authority in public offices.

In some states, especially Muslim states but also some Christian ones, ‘Deborah’ will be fought. But I, the LORD Almighty have decreed it. I will rule in both public and private offices. I will not rule with wisdom taught by men but with the Spirit of wisdom and revelation.
After the above word, GOD then reminded me of the one below. Interestingly, but not surprisingly, the date GOD reminded me of it was 28th December 2014 just a few days (hours if you like) before the 30th of December exactly one year later!

30th December 2013

The Gate Called Beautiful (

Even though, many know of the Temple of GOD they have never ventured into it due to an ailment in form of a spiritual inclination. I see many who were born Muslims and had never ventured beyond the gate called Beautiful giving their lives to Christ and being healed of this spiritual disability. Although, they had always thought that money was what they needed, GOD is healing them and giving them true and divine riches in the name of His Son, Jesus Christ.

Many Muslims will be healed of physical ailments and this will be the ticket to their salvation. Many will have divine encounters with the Son of GOD Himself so that they may know with certainty that Jesus is indeed the son of GOD.

Well, it is indeed time for the Deborahs to arise and for Muslims to give their lives to Christ and receive healing!


Dear GOD, I thank you for your word that is alive and enduring. I thank you that you will usually speak to me and get my attention as often as you can. Father, I also apologize for being distracted even while you are speaking to me.

King of kings, I now take my place as a Deborah for this season. Use me in the area that you have positioned me to do what I am required to do. In JESUS’ name, I have prayed, amen.

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