Friday, 16 January 2015

Bit by Bit Until The Puzzle Is Complete

Has GOD ever given you a series of activities or ‘words’, one after another, over a certain period only to give you the complete message later? Well, this is one of those rare moments. Sometimes, GOD gives me a word and asks me to release it, then another and still asks me to release it, does the same for the rest of them until the puzzle is complete! At times, He deals with me like that – He slowly releases the pieces of the puzzle bit by bit until it is done...until He ‘completes His statement’ and ‘places’ the complete word.


Well, it started with ‘Betrayal in The City’ followed by ‘Betrayal Again’ then it was followed by ‘He Will Vindicate You’ (about a false witness) all on Well, after every word, I would think ‘that was it’ and that GOD was done with that one but I was wrong! Okay, now, a few days back one of my sisters told me that she found a human skull in her compound, obviously put there by someone evil...


After that, two days ago, I saw someone pull out a reed out of a ‘growth’ or ‘cluster’ of reeds growing right outside an office. What a strange location. Even if, I visit this office every day I had never seen this ‘growth’ before – I had never realized that there were reeds growing in a place that was not a swamp! As this man pulled out one reed, it looked like those canes that teachers in our primary and secondary schools used to cane us with and that he was getting ready to cane someone...I briefly wondered about that as well as at the setting of those reeds in an otherwise office setting but I still did not ‘get it’...



Seemingly by accident, yet I had asked GOD what I should read, He led me to Matthew 26 and then continued on to Matthew 27 and that is when I finally got it!


You see, when Christ said that if one is to follow Him he must take his cross and follow Him, He meant that we would have to go through what He went through. He gave me His word about this message piece by piece so that I would finally get the full picture even the entire word!


“... And they spit upon him, and took the reed, and smote him on the head” (Matthew 27:30). From the King James Version (KJV) Red Letter Bible.


JESUS’ very own people, who had earlier laid their clothes on the ground so that He could ride on them, denied Him. False witnesses rose up against Him and then the soldiers beat Him with the reed they had mocked Him with as His king’s staff and then He was handed over to be crucified. Yes, for a moment there, they seemed to have won. However, His death and resurrection glorified GOD.


“...and took the staff and struck him on the head again and again” (Matthew 27:30). From the Ages Digital Bible.


Now, while some Bibles call it a staff others call it a reed. This means that the two carry the same meaning. The staff is a sign of authority or leadership that a king or shepherd is supposed to have. Moses had it and king Xerxes had one, which he raised and bade Esther to approach him (please don’t let me go there now). The soldiers mocked the King of the Jews with His King’s staff (a reed) unknowingly carrying out a prophetic act. You see, the reed symbolized His calling but also that it was JESUS’ calling that they used to mock Him. He had been called to save and it was what they used to ‘beat’ Him with. Another version says that the soldiers took the reed and struck Him again and again...




Now, you have been through all Christ went through. You have been ‘persecuted’ by those closest to you and, in some instances, faced situations of persecution like troubled marriages, addictions, poverty to mention but a few. To add salt to the wound, false witnesses have unashamedly stood against you and you have had to face human judgment.


The ‘soldiers’ your own people handed you over to have mocked you – they took that ‘reed’ (your calling) and beat you with it. Your own calling has been the cause of your persecution. Your own people (the ‘chief priests’, the ‘elders’ and the ‘Jews’) who we may call your fellow Christian brothers and sisters (born-again Christians) have used your calling against you – they have taken it and struck you again and again. In other words, your calling has been the major source of your persecution – many renowned servants of GOD have used it against you a number of times.


In addition to all of this, you have had to carry a heavy cross and led to your ‘prison’ called the ‘place of the skull’ where you have been ‘crucified’. You have been left alone on that ‘cross’ and faced your ‘death’ alone. Nonetheless, GOD says it is over – you have RESURRECTED. It does not matter what kind of persecution you have been through – your resurrection is here.


Some Of The Holy People


“The tombs broke open and the bodies of many holy people who had died were raised to life. They came out of the tombs, and after Jesus’ resurrection they went into the holy city and appeared to many people” (Matthew 27:52-53).


The interesting thing is that as you resurrect, even some of the holy people who ‘died before you’ will resurrect. Your resurrection from that ‘death’ will help others get out of the tombs of all sorts of spiritual and physical conditions they had to endure.


All Christians Facing Persecution


“ ...Today...and the whole world will know that there is a God in Israel” (1Samuel 17:46).


I now feel the Spirit of GOD saying that this also applies to Christians who have faced persecuted all over the world. Take heart your resurrection has come. GOD is going to reveal Himself, in your situation, as He has never done before and it will be said that, ‘there is indeed a GOD IN ISRAEL’.


Holy Spirit (the Spirit of Prophecy)


I posted an article on one of the pages I manage on facebook (Born-Again Woman...CLEARED TO GO) but I did not think that what I posted there would apply here. In that post, GOD said that He was going to restore women who felt unworthy and then pour out His Spirit of prophecy on them. He also said that what they were going to do for Him (break the alabaster box and bathe His feet in expensive perfume) would be mentioned everywhere that the gospel would be preached. Well, He says the same to you today. GOD says that He will give you more of His Spirit after your resurrection. I see an upper room in my will go deeper in Him and you will preach His word and do all that He created you for. He will anoint you more and take your ministry to another level.  


Those who betrayed you will also realize what they did and be filled with remorse and will carry out an action to prove this just like Judas did.




Dear GOD, I now know that all that I had to go through was for a purpose – your name had to be glorified. I thank you, LORD, that I had to endure all that I endured so that someone else would receive his or her resurrection. I now reach forward for my own resurrection even as I thank you for your Holy Spirit who is available to me now. I thank you for the spiritual and physical elevation you have give me already but also that that you are about to give me. I pray that you continue glorifying yourself through me using my situations to bring healing and resurrection to your holy people and holy nation. In JESUS' name, I have prayed, amen.


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