Wednesday, 20 January 2016

America and 'Absalom'




A few days back GOD revealed it to me that ‘America Back to GOD’ is not merely a name for a conference but a prophetic utterance. He said that indeed America has gone back to GOD. He then confirmed it in a conversation with a friend.






Beware of incest as ‘Absalom’ fakes ailment and satiates his lust for his sister ‘Tamar’.


A son is going to betray his father and cunningly prize the ‘kingdom’ out of his hands just as Absalom did. I see the kingdom in form of a very successful business empire.


Due to the father’s indiscretion with ‘Bathsheba’, GOD is going to allow the son to sleep with his father’s concubines in broad daylight! Nonetheless, GOD will restore the kingdom to the father.

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