Tuesday, 24 November 2015


3rd December 2009


“I will reposition people this season. I will take them from seemingly comfortable positions, positions from which they could hear me and in which they got the best results and anoint other positions. I will then place them in new positions chosen and anointed by me. Something uncomfortable will have to happen first for them to consider moving but I will show them a new side of me when they do. I will move in ways that I have never moved in before and a revival shall begin. The revival will start now and flow into the next year (personal and congregational)”.


“It is important for you to be in the right place at the right time with the right people because it will be disastrous for the winds of revival to find you in the wrong place, at the wrong time, and with the wrong people. Pray for the right positioning, right people, and the right time”.


“I AM repositioning people spiritually and physically and taking them out of their comfort zone. Many are now accomplishing their missions in certain geographical areas and have to move or BE MOVED. When you stay long in an area, the enemy finds a way of getting to you. Therefore, I AM moving people out of geographical areas as well as spiritual ones. LET GO and let me move you to higher and better spiritual heights from which I will also move you when your mission there is accomplished”.


“You have been too long at mount Horeb. It is time to move! Get ready for the new positions. Change your perception of me, your place in the kingdom, and of everything, because there is something new happening in this place and it requires a new mentality”.


“I AM waking up people from their slumber. My time is now. People you did not imagine would be born again are going to be born again and will be on fire for Christ. A fire has been ignited in Heaven. Will you run with it? Will you catch it?

In this season, my Spirit is moving heavily and swiftly like a mighty wind! Do not miss it”! 


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