Thursday, 26 February 2015

Get Rid of 'Hagar' and Settle Down With 'Sarah'

Have you ever been party to a series of events that were simply a preamble of things to come? Well, on Wednesday I met a young woman that I could not place and whose name I could not remember. As we stood chatting, we talked about a number of things to do with GOD and then we exchanged contacts, which was when she gave me her name - ‘Sarah’. I did not think much of her name because I thought that our meeting was to do with something else entirely. However, I later found out that our meeting had to do with the name, ‘Sarah’ more than it did anything else. Early this morning, the name ‘Sarah’ flashed before me but I thought it only had something to do with the woman I met on Wednesday - I was wrong.

Now, more than a year ago, I met a young boy who was on the verge of completing his university degree. He saw me with my Bible on my desk, found out that he was also born-again and we soon began talking. He told me he wanted find employment, so, I prayed for him. I also helped him draft a recommendation, for a job, which the university he was studying at had asked him for and later approved. He and I soon parted ways. ‘Abraham’ ventured into the world and I changed location for a while. I moved away from where we had met to another place from which GOD later moved me and said it was ‘out of bounds’. Therefore, I found myself returning to my former location where ‘Abraham’ and I had earlier met.

A year went by before I saw him again. In fact, to be honest with you, I forgot about ‘Abraham’. Now, a few hours back I looked up to see a respectable young man approaching me. ‘Abraham’ had grown up... he looked quite polished and mature...I was pleasantly surprised. Well, he told me that he had tried calling me on the telephone number I had given him but to no avail – I had changed numbers. He had then visited the place where we had met but had not found me there either until today.

He said he had wanted to testify about the goodness of the LORD. I was touched. You see, I meet many people in my line of ‘work’ who I pray for but very few look me up to tell me that GOD answered. What ‘Abraham’ did was also to buy me lunch! I was touched once again. As we talked, I asked him about his personal life and was suddenly led to ask him for the name of the mother of his child. I was surprised when he actually told me that her name is ‘Sarah’. He also told me that he was having second thoughts about settling down with her and that was when GOD spoke. GOD told me to tell him that ‘Sarah’ is the right woman for him and that he should marry her. GOD also revealed that he was interested in another girl but that he must let her go. His destiny lies with ‘Sarah’ and that it was through her and her seed that he would receive his blessing.

“...Listen to whatever Sarah tells you, because it is through Isaac that your offspring [Or seed] will be reckoned” (Genesis 21:12).

I then realized why GOD had not let us meet all those times that he had come looking for me. You see, GOD wanted me to reconnect with the other woman for the message to be complete. I needed to hear the name, ‘Sarah’ and then ‘hear’ it again so that GOD would give me a message concerning this young man’s life and destiny. In other words, today was the perfect time for us to reconnect because GOD had a word for him that would save him from a lot of trouble.

I know that GOD wanted you to hear this for a reason...the same reason why He allowed ‘Abraham’ and I to reconnect. Your ‘Sarah’ is the only one through whom your blessing shall come. In fact, the children that you shall bear with this person are the children through whom you shall receive your blessings. Therefore, get rid of ‘Hagar’ and settle down with ‘Sarah’.


Dear GOD, forgive me for considering to settle for Hagar instead of Sarah. I now realign myself with your will and choose Sarah. I now choose to get rid of the slave woman and her son and focus on Sarah and Isaac, by your grace. In JESUS’ name, I have prayed, amen.

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