Wednesday, 4 February 2015

PUSH That 'Baby' OUT Of Your 'Womb'!

A midwife is someone who helps in delivering children. Sometimes, she walks you through the pregnancy but most times she will only appear when you have reached 'full term' (nine months) and are ready to deliver that child. Some ‘deliveries’ are quick while others are not. You will find the midwives loudly cheering on the mothers to PUSH...
I have told you before that I am a spiritual midwife. I will walk to you at the exact time that that ‘baby’ needs to come out and urge you to PUSH ‘him’ out. Although, some ‘women’ do not need much cheering on while others do sometimes my heart breaks for the ‘babies’ that may die before the mother PUSHES them out...
"... Hebrew women are not like Egyptian women; they are vigorous and give birth before the midwives arrive” (Exodus 1:19).
It is true that some women need help while others are like the Hebrew women who do not need help with ‘delivering babies’. However, those that do not need help will have pushed out that baby before the midwife arrives. If GOD puts me in your path, as He is doing now, before you have PUSHED out that baby then it must be that you need me to cheer you on...
I recently met two women at two different times of my life. They were both PREGNANT and I was the assigned midwife. I had been encouraging one of the women to push for some time but to no avail. Now, late last year I had a major milestone in my ministry and one woman’s 'labor pains' began to come...but she still did not push...until I screamed at her and told her to PUSH and she did. Now, the ‘baby’ is out and ready to be ‘nursed’.
The ‘baby’ happens to be her calling. She is a worshipper who had started on the production of her music years back but put it aside. You must realize that I did not have the baby for her – she recognized the season and made the necessary movements. This ‘pregnant’ woman recognized her visitation, ‘shopped around’ for studios, allowed to walk into the studio, met the producer, sung one of her songs while the producer did his part and then paid for only one song of the many that she has. I only urged her on.
A few days after that, I met yet another ‘pregnant woman’ who no matter how much I said or how I said it was not ready or willing to ‘push’, so, I rested my case. However, my heart broke because I happen to be passionate about children (human beings) but I am also passionate about spiritual children. I am passionate about your gift. My heart broke because, by now, I know how to recognize a season and an assignment when I see one.
Now, her reason for not ‘pushing’ was to do with money but also quality. You see, she was saving until she had all the money required (a substantial amount) but was also particular on who should do it because of a certain quality. This other woman also preferred to push out all the babies at the same time. Nonetheless, I know that I was the right midwife because of the season of harvest that we are in right now and the seemingly coincidental timing between the two 'births'. It is also possible that she was not yet ready to push or even that the children were not ready to be delivered. Sadly, it scares me to think that she may have missed her visitation and did not realize that we are in the 'birthing room'.

The word that GOD gave me for 2015 was that it is HARVEST time. Therefore, we must be seen with YIELD and I would like to urge you to PUSH... GOD has blessed us all with a seed or more inside ‘here’ and we need to nurture it while it is still in the ‘womb’ but we also need to push it out when it is time to do so.
For me, what took me long to push my ‘baby’ out of the ‘womb’ was money. I looked at it from the bigger perspective and thought that I needed to deliver the baby once. I also forgot the fact that the entire ‘body’ of a child does not come out at the same time and that the medical team will take the head first, then the other parts will follow if the baby does not make his or her own unaided entry into the world.
You see, what I did not realize was that I could actually recite one poem, pay for it and move on to the next instead of paying for the recitation of the entire book (The Bridge). When I asked GOD to take care of the entire backlog of what I had not done but was meant to do in 2014, He did. GOD moved ahead of me and everything happened in a way I still struggle to comprehend. He gave me the wisdom to approach this project piece by piece ...head first, and then slowly ease out the entire body...
...I only needed to take one step at a time and even then I needed to push out ‘one baby at a time’... I have many other projects waiting to happen but this baby has to get out of the way first in order to make room for the rest...

“This day is a day of distress and rebuke and disgrace, as when children come to the point of birth and there is no strength to deliver them” (2Kings 19:3).
Awake, awake, O Zion, clothe yourself with strength” (Isaiah 52:1).

I know that you are ‘pregnant’ but I am also aware that that ‘baby’ you are carrying is a big child – he weighs a lot but is also quite precious so you need to handle him with care. Now, even if that precious gift inside of you is ready to come out, are you ready to push it out? Do you realize that you can take it slowly (one-step at a time)? Do you realize that this is your visitation and that you must move now and bring in your harvest? Please do not let that gift die inside of you because you delayed to push it out. Do t let it be like that day of distress that Hezekiah talked about when children are ready to be birthed but there is no strength to deliver them. Arise, oh daughter of Zion, put on your garment of strength and push out that child!

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