Wednesday, 4 February 2015


Don’t you like it when people share their testimonies with you very early in the morning? Well, that is what happened to me this morning. However, allow me to ‘rewind a bit’ before I tell you all about it.
Late one evening, I ended up going home later than I usually do because I had been held up somewhere. On my way home, I met a Muslim woman called Fati (Fatuma) who I have known for over ten years. As we stood at the roadside and talked, she told me that she had not yet given her life to Christ, so, I preached to her. However, since she was in a hurry to get home we agreed that I would visit her salon and preach to her some more.
Well, even if some days went by before I actually kept my word the Holy Ghost convicted me whenever I would walk past it. Eventually, by the grace of GOD, I visited Fati at her salon one day. When I got there, she was ready for me and after exchanging pleasantries she asked me to ‘get into it’. Not needing any more urging, I preached to her and her colleague. However, I noted that Fai seemed to be worried about something but I did not know what it was and the Holy Ghost did not reveal it to me either.
As I preached on, I was surprised when Fati said that she believed in the healing power of GOD. She recounted that when her mother was sick, a few years back, she would often call Pentecostals to pray for her and that she was healed eventually. What that said to me was that she did believe in the name and the power of my JESUS – that was a good starting point. Convincing her that that same JESUS is not just any prophet but the Son of GOD and GOD incarnate was not easy though. Nevertheless, I acknowledged that convincing her was not my responsibility but that of the Holy Ghost!
“ is by grace you have been saved...” (Ephesians 2:5).
The preaching went on and I excitedly led the two women through the sinner’s prayer before long. However, what dampened my spirits was that as soon as that was done Fati confessed that both of them would often confess Christ as their personal Savior but would soon backslide and fall back to their old ways. Fati also confessed that breaking ‘Muslim habits’ was not easy and that she would often find herself pulling out her mat at the set prayer times and ‘doing her thing’. Her friend, too, had her own habits that she found hard to break. However, instead of breaking me completely these confessions made me find my mouth. In their hearing, I confessed that this time would be different and that they would not fall back to their old habits as they had done all those previous times. I told them that it is only by grace that we are saved and that we do not turn our backs on Christ. I told them that it is still by the same grace that we do not continue with the habits that once had authority over us before we gave our lives to Christ. After that, I led them in a prayer confessing that this time, it would be different, and that they would not abandon Christ and salvation or return to their old habits.
“And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Son may bring glory to the Father. You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it” (John 14:13-14).
Although, I returned to her salon the following day to give them each a copy of my book called ‘Prayer’, I did not see any of the two women again until this morning. Now, today morning I met Fati and she told me she told me that she and her husband had separated due to infidelity on his part. In fact, she admitted that at the time I had visited her salon she had been so worried about how she would put her children through school.
“All your sons will be taught by the LORD, and great will be your children’s peace” (Isaiah 54:13).

She then started sharing her testimonies. She said that as soon as I had prayed for her she began to feel peace. She also said that the Muslim habits had finally been broken and that she no longer reaches out for that mat... She said that much as the habit was broken, she feels no need to reach out for it because whenever she prays to GOD, through JESUS, she receives answers to her prayers. She said that when she prays for peace she becomes peaceful and that GOD sends her customers when she prays asks Him to, in JESUS’ name. Fati also testified that GOD has seen her children through school and that He provides for them when she asks Him to. She also said that she had had to take her son out of a boarding school to a day school and that GOD has been faithful in guiding and watching over him. These were her words this morning; ‘what more do I need’?
I marveled at the goodness of GOD. Knowing that Fati needed Him, He had orchestrated our meeting. GOD ensured that I would meet her at that exact time at the roadside, as she waited for her ride, so that I could talk to her about Christ. He also convicted me to keep my word about visiting her salon to continue preaching to her and then He led me there.
Now, maybe you find it hard breaking away from some old habits just as Fati and her friend did...or maybe you keep going past the office of that person to whom you need to preach...
I honestly do not know what it is that I have mentioned above that you are struggling with. However, I know that Christ can heal you of any age old habit just as He did Fati. I also know that if the Spirit of GOD is convicting you to preach to that person then He wants to save him or her and allow them to tap into His peace. I would also like to you to know that GOD can and will give you all that you ask for in the name of JESUS, the name above all names.
I want you to know that our GOD is the GOD of peace and He will give you peace regardless of what has stolen your peace. When you give your life to Christ, you will find peace in Him. The good Shepherd will not only look after you but He will also look after your children and meet all your needs.
JESUS is not merely a prophet as some say but He is the Son of GOD and He is your salvation. Give your life to Him if you have not yet done so and confess Christ as your personal Savior. Walk with Him and purpose not to backslide. I am here to tell you that the Holy Ghost helps us give our lives to Christ (get saved) but He is also the Spirit who sustains us in salvation. He will sustain you as well.
Dear GOD, I come to you in the name of your Son JESUS Christ. I believe with my heart and confess with my mouth that JESUS is the Son of GOD. I believe that JESUS died for my sins and rose again and now sits enthroned on the right hand side of the Father. I confess that I have sinned and fallen short of your glory. I now confess all my sins and ask you to wash me clean with your blood.
Father of all grace, I now surrender all my habits to you. I surrender all the habits that make me turn back to my old lifestyle and to the old religions that deny that JESUS is indeed your Son and that He is GOD incarnate. I ask you for the grace never to pick up them up again. Please replace them with new habits that are pleasing to you.
Father, I have read that you give peace. I now ask you to give me that peace – I want to know the peace that you give those who have given their lives to you and that you call your children.
Almighty GOD, I also ask that you heal me of all that stands in the way of my giving my life to you completely and living as a born-again Christian. Please strengthen me so that I never turn my back on you. In JESUS’ name, I have prayed, amen.    

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