Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Prophecies: Finances, GOD'S Vengeance and Normalcy




Your finances were being attacked in a subtle way. You noticed that the devil was taking your money slowly by slowly, bit by bit...small notes by small notes. Therefore, you have been asking GOD to give you back all the money that the devil stole from you and He has answered. However, His answer will come in some dramatic ways some of which you will even resist! You will later realize that it was the hand of GOD and you will be grateful to Him.


In fact, you will offer to meet a certain expense but you will be stopped from doing so. Yes, that is the hand of GOD.


Women With Money

GOD is putting money in the hands of women. He is making them financially able. He is also giving them financial wisdom on how to save more for their children’s education.


From the hands of the Wicked

GOD is taking money from the wicked and putting it into the hands of the pure and righteous. Money is changing hands.


17th December 2009


“Kingdom money is now available in the world system. However, it takes longer to circulate because Christians are still handling and running after the world’s money/ world economy. Pure people must handle pure money but many are not pure. As purity sets in so will the money”.


8th August 2016

GOD'S Vengeance

You will receive news about GOD’S vengeance. You handed your enemies to GOD and you will hear something that will clearly show that GOD is fighting for you.  


8th August 2016



Something that mysteriously went wrong, suddenly, will just as mysteriously, and suddenly, return to its original state of normalcy. You will remember that you prayed about it and that it is truly the hand of GOD! Give Him the glory!


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