Thursday, 7 April 2016

Hold On

Hold On
A few days back, on 1st April 2016, GOD spoke and I released what He said to the world. However, I did not know that it would apply to me as well. You see, sometimes, GOD will say something that I think is for everyone else but me. Then suddenly, something happens to make me realize that GOD was preparing me for it through that word.
1st April 2016
Do not give in to the flesh.

It is without a doubt that at least one person will annoy you and at least one more will misunderstand you every day but do not give in. Do not let pettiness, anger, and all those negative...immature actions and reactions rob you of the prize. If you can only hold on...if you can only step past the anger and the pain, you will receive your true reward that is just around the corner!
I cannot pretend not to notice that my ministry is growing. GOD has led me into directions that I had never thought about. Although I had received prophecies about it, I did not expect it to happen so soon but it did. I did not notice the growth until the attacks came. Even though GOD had warned me that I was going to fight the night before and I had prayed against it, I did not know that it would actually happen. Suddenly the work of GOD was questioned and an order released stopping some of the activities. I was saddened. Of course, GOD had revealed it to me that she was not happy but I could not go against the word of GOD. Therefore, I understood that the person behind the attack was hurt and acting in a carnal way. Suddenly, tempers flared (including my own) and I considered throwing in the towel! However, as usual, GOD spoke and told me not to give in to the flesh (anger) and to HOLD ON but I did not want to. He then told me to STAND but I still did not want to until He spoke again!
Since I hearkened to His voice, the next day I saw growth in a way that I had not anticipated. My reward, as His word had said a few days prior to that was just around the corner!
Today, I believe that GOD is telling you the same thing. I know that GOD spoke and that you feel wrongly accused but do not give in to the flesh. Hold on and stay the course. GOD will soon prove Himself to you.