Monday, 13 April 2015


Have you ever been disappointed at the seeming delay of a certain prophetic word? Well, sometimes, I am. Even though, this is mainly about cancer, allow me to talk about HIV as well because when I think about one I remember the word that GOD gave me concerning the two diseases. I will also refer to different prophecies that GOD has given me concerning healing.
22nd December 2007
The lame shall walk and the blind shall see. At my appointed time, I will heal all those suffering from HIV/ AIDS, sickle cells and glaucoma.
November 2009
I AM going to heal all those suffering from HIV and all types of cancer in 2010. This shall be the beginning of the eventual victory over those and other stubborn diseases.
On 22 December 2007, GOD said that He was going to heal all those suffering from HIV/ AIDS, sickle cells and glaucoma. In addition to that, in November 2009, GOD said that He would heal all those suffering from HIV and all types of Cancer. A few months back, last year, He said that He was healing young boys of Leukemia. He was very clear that it was about young boys just as it was about leukemia.
A few months after that, still in 2014, He again spoke and said that we were in the season for Him to heal people of HIV and I wrote about it on 30th October 2014 (HIV) on my He was clear that this had to do only with HIV. Even if, I really wanted to include cancer in this article GOD was adamant about the fact that He was only healing those infected with HIV at the time. I was not very happy about that.
Anyway, as time went on, I started hearing evidence of healing from different sources. Now, I do not know much about science or medicine but I understand that if a mother infected with HIV breastfeeds her baby, she puts it at risk of acquiring the HIV virus.
One testimony was from a cleaner somewhere who said that her sister who was infected with HIV, breastfed two of her children who had been born HIV free but did not infect them through her breast milk.
Apparently, after that, the children were tested and it was found that they did not carry the HIV virus. Even though, the one who shared the story with me did not know that what she had said as important to me, I recognized it as fulfillment of prophecy. Shortly after that, I was part of a similar scenario where a woman infected with the HIV virus but about whom GOD had spoken to me concerning her healing, insisted on breastfeeding her newborn baby. Since, I knew about her health, everything in me was screaming for her to stop but just then the Spirit of GOD told me that this was a confirmation of her healing. I know that the Spirit of GOD simply wanted me to hear the cleaner’s testimony about her sister as well as be party to this other scenario so that I would know that He was indeed doing that which He had said He would do.
Yesterday, Pastor Robert Kayanja gave a testimony of a ten year old girl who had been raped and infected with HIV at the age of five. He said that she was healed in one of the miracle crusades his Church held a few months back!
12th August 2012

Using Plants

I will heal using plants. My voice will direct those that I have chosen. They shall pluck and many will be healed. It is not by Baal but by my Spirit. Do not be confused by Baal. Pray that my Spirit, who I have sent, guides you.
On 12th August 2012, GOD said that He was going to heal using plants or herbs. Now, just a few hours back, the same woman (the cleaner) told me of certain relatives of hers who had been infected with the HIV virus but had been healed by taking herbs. I was shocked. You see, sometimes, the things that GOD says to me are so unbelievable that it has to take Him to make me believe. The mere fact that this woman shared all these testimonies with me was not a coincidence. The GOD who spoke to me about this had to make sure that I hear about it and I did.
You may not be aware of it, but I do not like disease and my prayer is that GOD will heal everyone infected with any incurable disease such that hospitals will remain empty. It is no wonder, therefore, that I become aggravated when I hear that someone is ill. The HIV and cancer cases unsettle me the most, so, I pray but rarely do I receive the answers that I expect especially concerning cancer.
Recently, my sisters’ former teacher succumbed to cancer! I only learned of his death a few hours after I had prayed for him during one of my watches... You see, I prayed that he would be healed yet he had already passed on. To say that I was disappointed would be an understatement. Of course, I asked GOD about His word concerning the healing of all those suffering from cancer to which He responded by telling me that it was not yet time. You see, although the words, ‘appointed time’ were a crucial part of His prophecy I did not remember them. He told me that His prophetic word is for an appointed time but that did not stop my heart from breaking. Even if, I was not closely acquainted with the man who died I was grieved about the loss for the mere fact that he had died of cancer!
Yesterday, I learned of the death of Rosemary Nankabirwa who had suffered from a rare type of cancer! Again, I did not know her personally but my heart broke and I again cried out to GOD. Once more, He told me that the time for the prophecy to be fulfilled was yet to come. I rested my case.
As if to reassure me, today morning, on my way to work, a young man passed me and took his spot ahead of me close enough for me to read the words on his T-Shirt that read, ‘Winning The Battle Against Cancer’. Finally, my spirit lifted. I immediately knew that GOD used this to communicate to me that the fulfillment of this prophecy is on the threshold only waiting to come in.
Today, I would like to encourage you that GOD will indeed heal all who are suffering from cancer. I honestly do not know how long it will take or how many will die before He does, but I do know that His word will not fail. I also would like to encourage you that no matter what it looks like, GOD will do that which He promised He would do in your life. He is only waiting to do it in His appointed time. Take heart and keep the faith.
Dear GOD, I know that I have been disappointed that some people have died from cancer, yet you published your word of healing about this. However, I also know that your appointed time for this prophecy to be fulfilled is on the threshold. Please give me the grace to wait on you even as I keep my mind fully focused on your word.
King of kings, I thank you for all the promises you have made to me. I know that they too have an appointed time in which you shall fulfill them. Give me the grace to wait on your timing but also to be productive in your kingdom while I wait. In JESUS’ name, I have prayed, amen.

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