Sunday, 10 September 2017


“Is there no balm in Gilead…” (Jeremiah 8:22).

…maybe, had I not been aware of the fact that ‘it’ was multipurpose, I would have gone for the other option…maybe, I would have missed it had GOD not communicated about it. Well, thank GOD, that I was alert enough to recognize the voice of GOD…


As her hands deftly took charge of my hair, I knew that I was in good hands! PHEW! For a while there, I had been very apprehensive, at her exclamation that it had not been done right the first time. However, she seemed to know what she was doing! As I settled back in the salon chair, my attention was drawn to the word, ‘BALM’; I realized that GOD was saying something but I did not know what. Therefore, I made a mental note to look for the ‘balm of Gilead’ in the Bible. Well, the twenty three year old salon-girl did a great job, and soon enough, I was out of the Salon to run my next errands.


It was a busy day and shopping was one of the things that I had to take care of. Therefore, I reluctantly tried on one dress after another until I settled for the second one that I had tried on, just as GOD had told me to do prior to the shopping. Nonetheless, I was ‘awakened’ to a certain itching on my chest…some insect, in one of the dresses that I tried on, had taken a tasty bite of me! Therefore, someone later assisted me with some cream and I applied to my chest. However, the stingy sensation continued.


Consequently, when I got home, I asked my sister if she had any ointment that I could apply to the tiny circle of stinging pimple like swellings on my chest. Now, interestingly, of the two oils that she mentioned was an Avon moisture therapy lip BALM! I did not even touch the other option; my choice had already been decided for me by GOD and I was healed in no time at all.  


Now, I cannot say that I understand your pain; in fact, I do not know how it hurts. However, what I know for sure is that GOD prepared the right BALM long before you were ‘stung’, while going about your errands! In other words, the solution to what you are facing right now, was released before you got that problem. Therefore, in due course, GOD will put it right into your hand and you will receive your healing once you apply it.


Of course, there are as many stings are there are balms.  Your sting may have been the result of a failed relationship or a failed marriage, or the death of a spouse or the loss of a job. Whatever the source of your sting, take heart, GOD knows the exact solution for it.


You must realize that the balm that GOD prepared for my healing was a LIP BALM that happened to be multipurpose. Sometimes, the solution that GOD gives you seems like it is for a different purpose but it will work. For instance, concerning that job ‘situation’, GOD may tell you to submit to your husband at home. The two seem to be in different continents altogether but, trust GOD that balm will work!





Dear GOD, I know that you have already prepared the balm for this sting. Please, open my eyes, ears, and all the other senses so that I do not miss it. Give me the grace, to choose the right option that will lead me to my healing. Thank you, LORD, because you have heard me.


In Jesus’ name, I have prayed, amen.

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