Friday, 28 October 2016

GOD Will Teach You How To Do 'It'

GOD Will Teach You How To Do It
You were excited about certain changes a few days back. However, before long, something went wrong. Regardless of how much you tried, you could not sort it out.
You will try to seek help from people, more knowledgeable than you, but to no avail. You will then ask GOD to teach you and He will and the problem that gave you so much trouble will be sorted out in a few seconds. GOD will teach you how to go about it. In fact, He will sort it out so quickly that kingdom work, which has been on hold for so long, can be done!
It is everywhere you turn - you feel disheartened. The promise that GOD gave you, YEARS back, seems to have fallen on hard rock! You have given up. I know it is hard, given all the things that are happening or NOT HAPPENING. It now seems as if you did not hear the voice of GOD. However, be calm and wait upon GOD. It does not seem like it will happen, considering what is on ground, but GOD will perform His word. Hang in there.

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