Friday, 4 December 2015


Although I love singing, it is another story when it gets to fact, I yearn to sing for GOD (outside the shower) and I know that it will not be bad at all. However, somewhere along the way I realized that I needed to learn how to dance as well. Therefore, I asked GOD to teach me how to dance.
16th September 2007
“I will teach you how to dance for me”.
Recently, while going through my notes, I came across something that GOD said to me in 2007. He said that He would teach me how to dance for Him. When I read it again a few days back, I was shocked because I did not remember it. In fact, I asked Him to teach me to dance two weekends back while attending a Church service.
Now, on Wednesday my niece (Zion) invited me to a concert organized by the school she attends. At some point during the concert, it was decided that there would be a dancing competition between the parents and guess who was chosen in addition to two other parents?? You are right – I WAS CHOSEN! I, who knew nothing about the latest dancing strokes??? In fact, I do not remember when I had last danced outside Church and even then, very self-consciously silently praying that GOD teaches me how to dance for Him...
You must know that I nearly declined but remembered that I needed to be obedient to the nine-year-old MC! Therefore, I slowly and very prayerfully rose to my feet, made my way to the front of the tent setting, and in no time at all began dancing. You see, even if GOD had reminded me of His promise, that He would teach me how to dance for Him, days before the concert, I was not aware that the lessons had begun and that He had taught me how to dance already! In fact, I did not eagerly put up my hand to join the competition because I thought that I still did not know how to dance! The only hand that I put up was one requesting to be let out of the competition first! Of course, the nine-year-old MC declined.
The ‘dancing competition’ did not last long as the other two women were asked to leave since they were not doing a good job leaving the winner standing alone! I could not believe that I had won the dancing competition! My sister who arrived shortly after that, with her husband, could not believe it. You see, my wanting dancing abilities were no secret in my family until that moment!
As I made my way from the concert to run a few errands, I marveled at the ways of GOD. He chose a kindergarten concert, that I nearly did not attend because of so many errands, to prove His word to me and to give me a testimony! In fact, when I had read His word to me about dancing, I had thought that it was for a future time because I did not consider myself a good dancer just yet. I still saw myself as I did before not as one for whom GOD had already fulfilled His word. As I ‘skipped along’ the dusty road, I was further amused when I heard a radio in a small retail shop cheerfully playing one of my favorite songs, ‘I hope you dance’ ( by Lee Ann Womack) as if to seal the fact that it was divine – I chose to dance not to sit it out! In fact, news that my niece, Angelica, had pointed me out to the MC did not dilute my testimony. GOD had had a point to make and He had made it! I now need to think right – I need to know that I know how to dance. I need to be confident because GOD taught me and I came out WINNER in a dancing competition that I would have considered small if GOD had not spoken!
How often do we look at the promises of GOD as a far away thing hardly knowing that He has already delivered? How often do we choose to 'sit it out' than to 'dance' not knowing that GOD is only waiting for us to 'dance' so that He can make us aware of the fact that He has answered our prayer or that He has fulfilled His promise to us?
“...the God who gives life to the dead and calls things that are not as though they were” (Romans 4:17).
Consequently, today, I encourage you to remember the promises that GOD has given you and then 'step out' and dare. Dare to do that which you could not do before. Dare to do that which you prayed about and that GOD promised to teach you to do. Dare to believe that He has already done it because He is indeed the GOD who says things that are not as though they were.
Dear GOD, I repent that I forget your promises sometimes. I am held hostage by the fears that preceded your promises to me that I fail to see what your hand has already done. Please forgive me. I now ask you to give me the grace to let go of the fear and to be alert to the promises that you have already fulfilled in my life. In Jesus’ mighty name, I have prayed, amen.

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