Friday, 8 May 2015

'Number 2'

Has GOD ever told you something consistently until you finally got what He was saying?

Well, recently, GOD surprised me by consistently showing me the number ‘2’ and then later showing me the words, ‘Number 2’. He kept on saying it and I kept on asking Him what it was about.

Later as I made my way from a certain shop, a young woman I had only just met came running after me that she had been advised not to let me go until I had prayed for her. Well, I was in a hurry to leave and I honestly did not feel very prayerful or in the spirit at that time. However, her grip on my hand was quite tight that I had no way of escaping! Anyway, she told me about her social life and I ministered to her. Even though, GOD had already spoken to me about who His choice for her of the two male suitors is, I still asked her for their names so that I could pray some more. Now as soon as she handed me the slip of paper, I asked her which one of the names was the man GOD had talked to us about and she said it was the second name. It was only later, in my closet, that GOD spoke again and I realized that actually the man she had written as number two was the man GOD had confirmed is her future husband!

All along, GOD had been preparing me for this woman! Therefore, the ‘number 2’ had nothing to do with me but with a woman who I nearly did not pray for!


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